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Keeping it Clean

Generous Donation Helps Keep LAMP Residents Clean

A donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has provided a generous donation of $6,500 to LAMP, Lowndes Associated Ministries to People, Inc., to upgrade its laundry equipment. This donation will have a great impact on the residents’ daily life and the bottom line of the shelter.

“Having clean clothes is a luxury most of us take for granted, and knowing that we will have workable laundry equipment gives me peace of mind,” says Yurshema Flanders, executive director of LAMP. “And not having to call the repairman on a weekly basis will save us money.”

With this donation LAMP will be able to outfit the facilities two laundry rooms with commercial grade Maytag washers and dryers, a total of four washers and four dryers. LAMP has always used donated washers and dryers so the life of them was never known and repairs were needed on a monthly basis.

“We are proud to be able to support a local charity like LAMP,” said Alex Sirmans, South Georgia sales manager for Tri-State Laundry. “We (Tri-State Laundry) know what the machines can handle and the capacity and frequency needed in a “shelter” versus a “home.”

LAMP researched and obtained three quotes from vendors in our region. LAMP is working with Tri-State Laundry Companies, a local commercial laundry equipment distributor, to purchase the machines. Tri-State works with coin-operated laundry mats to commercial grade equipment for hospitality and healthcare clients in the Southeast since 1995. LAMP purchased Maytag commercial equipment because it is known for being water efficient and having the ability to handle the high frequency of consistent loads on a daily basis.

LAMP is a housing first shelter located in Valdosta, GA. Since 1984, LAMP has provided temporary emergency shelter to men, women, and families in Lowndes. Lanier, Brooks, Berrien, Cook, Colquitt, Echols and Tift counties. In addition the shelter provides wrap-around services that include case management and partners with the State of Georgia’s Rapid Rehousing Program.

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