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In the Spotlight

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Each quarter LAMP spotlights one of our community partners - meet Valdosta Community Church. VCC has been a supporter of LAMP for the past four years.

Valdosta Community Church has given back throughout the years with volunteer hours, in-kind donations, and monetary contributions. VCC sponsored a cookout in the summer of 2021 to feed the residents of LAMP and contributed food, clothing, and Christmas gifts to the kids over the holiday season.

“Originally, we were trying to spread our resources out to as many people and needs in the community that we could find but by the Grace of God, we decided that our limited resources would be better served if we choose one organization that was doing big things in the community and we chose LAMP because of their mission and services they provide,” stated Pastor Travis King Sr of VCC.

We appreciate our church partners Valdosta Community Church. Church partners are key to LAMP’s success. We look to local churches to provide close to 25% in monetary and in-kind donations to help with the annual operational budget.

For more information on VCC follow them on Facebook @valdostacommunitychurch

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