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Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation Awards Grant

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Pictured: Donnie Warren, Executive Director, HLJF, Yurshema Flanders, Executive Director, LAMP, Officer Toreno Bender, Greg Powell, HLJF Board Member

Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation Awards LAMP Grant to Support Families in the Shelter

LAMP, Lowndes Associated Ministries to People, Inc., received a grant from Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation to support the Computer Program and the Family Dorm Program. Today LAMP held a ceremony to dedicate two rooms in their shelter to recognize this support.

“LAMP’s programs are addressing a need that is affecting children and families in the community and we hope our grant will provide a lasting impact to both the residents and Lowndes County,” stated Donnie Warren, Executive Director of the Harley Langdale Jr. Foundation. “The fight against homelessness touches the whole community and having a shelter whose mission is not only to get people off the street but to help them better themselves is important.”

LAMP’s mission of giving a hand up not a hand out is consistent with Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation’s commitment to Community Improvement Initiatives and Services and Education. LAMP is a homeless shelter that serves eight counties Lowndes, Brooks, Echols, Lanier, Cook, Tift, Colquitt, and Berrien. The only shelter of its kind that houses men, women and families in the region. LAMP provides families with a dedicated safe place to stay and access to resources and social services with the goal to get residents housed upon exiting the shelter and to become contributing members of the community again.

“We are thankful to Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation for supporting our shelter to improve the lives of our residents,” said Yurshema Flanders Executive Director of LAMP. “Families make up 37 percent of our residents and have been on the rise since COVID, keeping them together is key to their success and having reliable internet service is beneficial for the children and their parents.”

The Computer Lab was dedicated to Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation to recognize their belief in the importance of children’s education and empowering individuals and families to improve their quality of life. The Computer Program will guarantee children and parents have access to computers, internet and resources to help them better their lives.

The Family Dorm Room was named in honor of Judge Vernita Bender. Bender was an advocate for LAMP and knew how important it was to keep families together and give children a sense of security. The Family Dorm Program helps provide families with their own space and a sense of normalcy while staying at the shelter.

“We are proud to name these rooms after two influential members of Lowndes County and hope their legacy of giving back and volunteering in the community gets told to all the residents that use the rooms,” stated Flanders. “Together we can make an impact to improve the quality of life for everyone.”

The grant funds will be used to renovate the computer lab at the shelter, purchase new laptops, printers, keyboards, wifi routers, and internet service. It will also help outfit the dorm rooms with lockers, new mattresses and assist with the daily costs of families staying at the shelter.

For more information about LAMP visit

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